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UPDATE: 2022-2023 EXAM RESULTS - all my students gained 1 or 2 more grades higher than they were expecting at GCSE/ IGCSE and A Levels for History and Geography! One of them has been awarded the Outstanding Cambridge Learner High Achievement Award for A-Level History for the Nov 2022 exam and a few students got higher scores in the 2023 June and October exams!

Hi, I’m Johnette Stevenson and I have over ten years teaching experience in bilingual, state and international schools. I've taught KS2 - A levels History and Geography; Humanities and English as a Foreign Language in classroom and online settings. I used to work in a secondary school in England and have a full DBS/ Police Check. I’m also a CIE History Assessment Specialist/ Assistant Examiner.

I am offering my services as a tutor for History and Geography on all specifications (CAIE, Edexcel Intl, IB, Pre-AP and AP) as I have a thorough knowledge of the requirements for all of these. I can help you learn the content or give exam techniques or if you just want someone to chat with or practice your oral English with! I'm also available to mark exam papers for IGCSE- A levels History and Geography.

I enjoy teaching students from different cultures and backgrounds and try to make lessons interesting for all my students. I also like to help students achieve their full academic potential and get students inspired about the world around them.
I have a proven track record including helping my students achieve the highest marks for Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE- A levels History (in June 2010, June 2016 and Oct 2023 examinations).

KS3 Topics include:
Topic 1_The development of Church, state and society in Medieval Britain
Topic 2_The development of Church, state and society in Britain
Topic 3_Ideas, political power, industry and empire in Britain
Topic 4_Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world
Topic 5_A local history study
Topic 6_British history from before 1066
Topic 7_Significant society or issue in world history

CIE IGCSE Topics: The 20th century: International Relations since 1919
Were the peace treaties of 1919–23 fair?
To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?
Who was to blame for the Cold War?
How effectively did the USA contain the spread of Communism?
How secure was the USSR’s control over Eastern Europe, 1948–c.1989?
Why did events in the Gulf matter, c.1970–2000?

Depth studies: The First World War, 1914–18
Germany, 1918–45
Russia, 1905–41
The USA, 1919–41
China, c.1930–c.1990

Edexcel International GCSE History topics:
Paper 1: Depth Studies
The French Revolution, c1780–99
Development of a nation: unification of Italy, 1848–70
Germany: development of dictatorship, 1918–45
Colonial rule and the nationalist challenge in India, 1919–47
Dictatorship and conflict in the USSR, 1924–53
A world divided: superpower relations, 1943–72
A divided union: civil rights in the USA, 1945–74
South Africa: from union to the end of apartheid, 1948–94

Paper 2A: Investigation Studies
A1 The origins and course of the First World War, 1905–18
A2 Russia and the Soviet Union, 1905–24
A3 The USA, 1918–41
A4 The Vietnam Conflict, 1945–75
A5 East Germany, 1958–90

Paper 2B: Breadth Studies
B1 America: from new nation to divided union, 1783–1877
B2 Changes in medicine, c1848–c1948
B3 Japan in transformation, 1853–1945
B4 China: conflict, crisis and change, 1900–89
B5 The changing role of international organisations: the league and the UN, 1919–c2011
B6 The changing nature of warfare and international conflict, 1919–2011
B7 The Middle East: conflict, crisis and change, 1917–2012

World History: Ancient Civilisations (Ancient Greece; Indus Valley; Maya Civilisation; Roman Empire; Shang Dynasty; Ancient Egypt); World Famous People; Medieval period; Early Modern; Industrial Age; Modern World; General History

World Geography: Movement, Regions, Human/ Environment Interaction, Location, Place: North, South and Latin America, North and Sub-Sahara Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Russia, Oceania, Australia and Antarctica

Students can request a topic they wish to learn/ review in the class. There will be discussions in the live session; guided comprehension questions, source-work analysis; map readings; video clips, worksheets; key word lists/ glossary and a supplementary activity (if required).

UPDATE: This is also available for Primary children/ KS2 level (ages 8-10) using CAIE Primary, IB PYP, UK National Curriculum. Please message to check other times/ availability.


English (Upper Advanced), Mandarin (Chinese) (Intermediate)

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