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Biology General Science

Speaks    English(Native), French(Intermediate)

About Me

I am an enthusiastic, detail-oriented and passionate junior scientist. Throughout my undergraduate and later postgraduate degree, I have developed a broad range of scientific skills. I have also spent 3 months in 2015 working in a laboratory as a research technician, where I was able to experience the fast pace of a real life laboratory. I conducted part of their research, designing my own experiments, I learned organisational and time management skills.

Research Experience- Throughout my work as a laboratory assistant at the University of Ljubljana and student at University of Manchester I acquired precision, developed further attention to detail and gained a lot of confidence in my laboratory skills. I worked on my own project with exchanging supervisors, this helped me to pick up procedures and methods quickly as I always had to prove my knowledge to a new supervisor. I developed techniques such as Biofilm preparation, CDC Biofilm Reactor, DNA extraction, serology, PCR, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, cell culture and bacterial identification.

Research Achievements- Head of Microbiology of Ljubljana University Dr. Ines Mandic trusted me to design and conduct research by myself and wrote me a glowing recommendation that solidified my place as a masters student at the University of Manchester. I later on went to work under Dr. Mike Bromley at Manchester Fungal Infection Group where I have found my passion and love for fungal pathogens. This fuelled my wish to undergo a PhD, which I am currently doing. I am also working for a company called F2G as a Research Associate where I process novel antifungal drugs and work with several different fungal pathogens to advance my knowledge in the field.

Personal Qualities- I speak three languages; Slovenian, English and French and can quickly adapt to a new environment due to living in three different countries. I am a ballet dancer and have achieved a ballet teaching degree after completing an 8 yearlong intensive ballet programme. I am a passionate volunteer and have participated in creating two big volunteering events throughout my life. I participated in the Apple conference 2011, the money collected was given to charity for children who cannot afford computers. In 2012 I helped organize the Annecy classical music festival, which was a gathering of some of the best classical musicians in Europe.

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