How To Start An Online Lesson?

W Tutors will integrate Zoom into the platform within the first two weeks of Nov 2020. This guide will become obsolete soon. 
W Tutors has a video chat function integrated right into the site. You do not need any specialized software, except your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari) and a web ecamera.

Here is a step by step guide to starting an online lesson with your learner/tutor

a) From your Dashboard, find your booked lesson and click the View button

b) Click the Join Lesson button. If a timer is counting down, it is not time for your lesson yet. 

c) In your lesson space, either the tutor or the learner (not both) click on the Video button to initiate a video call.

d) The other party will join the video call by clicking on Click here to join the conversation. Both tutor and learner must join the SAME conversation, usually the latest one if more than one requests are on the screen. You may continue to message each other or upload files throughout the session. 


e) As a security measure, your browser might ask for your permission to use the web camera and microphone. Please choose to Allow for the video chat to work. Please Allow for the correct hardware if there are more than one options. It is especially common to allow the wrong microphone. The prompt may appear differently on different browsers. 

f) You have now successfully started the lesson! On the left is the messaging board and on the right is the Audio/Video Chat between a tutor and a learner. It might appear differently on your computer if you are using a resolution under 1920x1080. In such a case, the video will take up the space for the messaging box. Please follow the instruction below to pop out the video onto a new tab/window if you wish to type to each other. 

Read on for other useful functions you may be interested in using.
You may consider having a pop out window of the Chat for a bigger screen when you click on the icon indicated by the black arrow

g) To upload a file, click on the paperclip icon to the right of your messaging box. You may drag and drop your files into the area indicated or click on it to open a dialog box to select your files. 
After selecting your files, you have to click on the grey right arrow to upload them. 

h) To share your screen, do the following -
Click on the ^ icon will reveal additional functions


Click on the "Share screen" to share your screen. 

A window will pop out for you to choose to either share
(i) Your Entire Screen
(ii) Application Window (which means a specific application that is opened, for example MS Word)
(iii) Chrome tab (which is a tab of your Chrome browser, if you are using Chrome)
Remember to click on the Share button. NOTE: Mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) may not share screen but they are able to view screens that are shared.

Click on Stop sharing if you wish to end the sharing session.

i) Lastly, there are many other useful functions that you may want to use such as Whiteboard (which you will have to pop out the video chat window in step f to make space for it), Voice Notes, Collaborative Documents or even typing in your own language. We shall leave it to you to explore those features. 
We hope this guide will help you to have a productive lesson with your tutor/learner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.