For Tutors

Why is my tutor account deactivated?

Below are a few reasons, but not limited to, a tutor having his/her account deactivated.
1) You were not contactable. We will remove tutors who are not contactable or not replying to emails and/or messages. Please ensure that you are able to receive emails from W Tutors by adding [email protected] to your email account safelist.
2) You have not provided documents to prove your education credentials. We require documentary proof of your educational background as part of our tutor verification process.
3) You attempted to accept payment directly from learners. As per W Tutors' terms and conditions, any tutor who collects payments from learners will not be listed.
4) You have not provided a profile photo or you have uploaded an inappropriate photo. We hope students are able to match a face to their tutors before contacting them. Use a casual smiling photo of yourself. If your account is deactivated because of this problem, please contact us with a proper photo.
5) Your behaviour during lesson was unbecoming of an educator. All tutors are expected to be punctual, professional and polite to their learners. Any leave from a lesson must be communicated to your learner. Should claims from a learner constitutes criminal activities, W Tutors will not hesitate to report to your local authority for investigation. W Tutors reserves the rights to forfeit any earnings to refund to learners.