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How do I write a good bio?

Your tutor listing is your advertising space. It is important that it is eye catching.
1) Do not be shy to flaunt your academic results and related experiences. Write it truthfully and convincingly.
2) You would want to put in ALL your academic accomplishments, including the university that you have attended or are attending.
3) Put your strength forward and tell students how you are able to help them.
4) Reduce the number of subjects you are teaching unless you are very experience and qualified. Please mention in your bio your proficiency in the subjects. Learners will not select you as their tutor if you are unable to show your capability, for example having a degree in History yet teaching Math. Whenever possible, include the exam board that you are familiar with. 
Learners who approach tutors for help are often going to take tests or exams in the future. It is important that tutors be familiar with curriculum and syllabuses of the subjects they teach. Be specific and promote the exams and exam boards you are familiar with. For e.g. if you are an expert with IELTS exams, write about it. If you are good with AP exams, tell your students which subjects they are.
4) Include any relevant work experience that is useful.
5) A very useful feature is to have a video to introduce yourself to learners. This will give them a first impression of you and the way you teach. Upload the video to YouTube and insert the link into your profile.
6) Use a profile photo of yourself in a casual setting, preferably smiling. Avoid passport photos which are usually stern and unwelcoming.
Final thoughts - teach the subject(s) you are best at. Contact us at [email protected] if you need help with your bio.